For a long while, I had been seeing tweets about #OpenHouseLagos but I didn’t pay them much heed. Then I came across a 360Nobs link, opened it and saw FREE! You can imagine my joy seeing as I’m unemployed and broke. I hit up some of my friends that let’s go for this thing, it looks like it’s gonna be so much fun.
Turns out that an exhibition I was meant to go for was part of the whole get up organised by British Council.

Being lovers of the finer-things-we-totally-can’t-afford-right-now, My friends and I decided to go for the ‘Luxe Tour’ which was described thus;

This tour transports audiences to the epicenters of unparalleled luxury, award-winning design and proves that, “Lagos no dey carry last”. A concept store, a boutique hotel, architecture designed modern houses, (and maybe some free champagne!) hand-picked for an audience that demands only the finest in style and luxury.

The tour took us from Sterling towers, to Maison Fahrenheit, Carlton Gate Estate and Banana Island. We didn’t get to see Alara Concept store as was listed and it was quite a bummer.

Anywho, I tried my best to have a nice time, tried to take nice pictures and just bask in the whole experience..


Sterling Towers is the HQ of Sterling bank but it houses Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) on some of it’s floors. We took a tour of the 16th and 17th floors which had nice views, awesome paintings rows and rows of offices of top guys that had me tapping into that C.E.O annoiting. Even got to seat at the table in the board room.

North View from the 16th Floor

South View from the 16th floor
The people at Sterling were nice enough to gift us Handfans, Key rings and a pen that doubles as a stylus. Opening a savings account soon!



Maison Fahrenheit is a boutique hotel which is basically a small hotel. It has 30 rooms, of which we toured one known as the ‘Wow Room’ which wasn’t so ‘wow’ by the way. 🙄 It costs =N=120,000 a night. 

Here we had words like ‘contemporary’, ‘Modern’, ‘oriental’, ‘minimalist’ and the like flying around. All I can say is that they had LOTS of picture and so many pretty wallpapers that make me want to cover my home with pictures like that. It also has a picture perfect rooftop with a view of Victoria Island and Eko Atlantic.

Array of pictures in the lobby

Oriental Futniture on the rooftop


This is a private residence so we weren’t allowed to take pictures. The house is basically a ‘Modern’ house that stands out from every other house on the street. I see it as a timeless house that you can’t really point a finger as to which Nigerian Era it was built unlike your average Nigerian house.

Somebody’s daddy’s Garage

Another private residence we visited. It was designed by the same architect but this house had a lot for wood which I absolutely loved. It was built on a really small piece of land and it turned out looking well. My favourite part of this house was the cinema room where they had this gorgeous wall of black and white family photos. #Goals

After a long day of feasting our eyes on how the wealthy Lagos people live, we ended the day watching Love at War an adaptation of Shakespeare’s  Two Noble Kinsmen at Freedom Park’s amphitheatre. We got there late but got the gist eventually.




2 thoughts on “#OpenHouseLagos

  1. Was supposed to be on that tour but the sleep was great that morning. Curled in shape when I saw pictures on Instagram, and these makes it worse 😦

    Looks really cool!

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