For The Love of Nigeria

  I have always had hope in Nigeria. The glimmer of hope I have is getting dimmed. Faster and faster.
This period, I’ve had a lot of welled up anger that I’ve been unable to express because I just can’t find the words. Even 140s for my Twitter account. I always try to ‘unlook’ political banter on my timeline. I don’t have PVC anyways.

Then this happened.
I’m not even debating/doubting the authenticity of this audio.

Everyone has a right to their own political views and as far as I am concerned, despite the fact that we lack desirable choices, GEJ shouldn’t be an option for anyone that has the love of Nigeria in his heart.

When I read about the military presence during the Ekiti 2014 elections, I thought at least we can give it to him for conducting credible-enough elections. Not knowing what was happening behind close doors; He had sent his househelps to impose his wishes on the people of Ekiti. We were shouting #StomachInfrastructure not knowing it was really an #ArmyArrangement. Imagine an army general taking orders from a civilian that is not the GCFR. An army man has become a mere political thug. Which way Nigeria? If this can happen for ordinary Ekiti, imagine what they’re planning for Feburary 14.

It saddens me because that audio alone is enough for impeachment/resignation in a sane world. Add;
-Stella Oduah.
-20 billion dollars- DAM
-Reaction to kidnapped Chibok Girls.
-Sacking a whistle blower without investigating his claims.
-Pardoning convicted criminals.
-Treating corruption like it equals petty theft.

I’m having serious difficulty getting my thoughts together so I’m going to put them in bullets;

-I believe every problem in our nation stems from corruption and it is a festering sore that is getting superimposed infections under President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR ?PhD). He believes stealing is different from corruption so he wines and dines with thieves because they aren’t corrupt. We need a president that can tackle corruption head-on even if corruption is what he focuses on, we’ll see how every other thing falls into place.

-The political class account for about 60% of our Annual budget. Yet most of them still have the compulsion to divert public funds to their personal use. I seriously doubt that these thieving politicians know that when they die, the money cannot go with them wherever it is they’re gonna end up.

-People of my generation want us to vote GEJ because of some trains that are so 1989. Talking about his ‘achievements’. He is only doing ‘his job’. You can’t praise someone for doing his job until he has done his job WELL.

-I can only pray that these elections are devoid of violence and the losers bear the fortitude to accept defeat gracefully

Lord Lugard, can you see what you have done?



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