Oscopy vs. Otomy

  Today, I saw a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and I had some reservations;
1. It was gruesome looking; It involved making four holes in the anterior abdominal wall and then inserting some mean looking things called trocars.
2. It looked like a lot of stress. The surgeon looked like he was having a really hard time.
3. The surgery seemed like it took longer than it’ll have taken to do an open cholecystectomy. And I was right. When I researched it, a study found that the average laparoscopic cholecystectomy lasted 100 minutes while an open cholecystectomy lasted 85 minutes of which I think it can be shorter.
The study also found that the laparoscopic method is more prone to intra-operative complications.

I’m all for technological advancement and I know the idea of the laparoscopy is to be as minimally invasive as possible, to make life easy and to increase efficiency. Seeing as the surgeon was struggling and the procedure took a lot of time, I think the idea was defeated. Really though! I’d rather have a single incision than 4 Holes.

Maybe I’m just lazy or the surgeon today was really sloppy. I’ll find out on YouTube.

Cholecystectomy = Gall Bladder Removal


PS. This is just one of my many random thoughts that has managed to make it to the blog. You don’t need to pay much heed. 🙂


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