9. My Addiction

Ad-dic-tion (noun)

1. The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.

2.  Abnormally strong craving.

I’m an addiction hoe or should I say I’m a really dynamic person.
Today, I can go crazy for something then after a while I won’t even be fazed the next time I come across this thing I was going crazy for.

My current addiction is meat pie from Alhaja’s shop – Alhaja’s shop is somewhere in my school where snacks, drinks and other miscellaneous stuff are sold. I almost can’t go a day without it, even on the brokest of days.

Before I got hooked on meat pie, I was addicted to PK (bubble gum) and this addiction stayed the longest and it cost me quite a lot.
At a point, the owner of the Kiosk in front of my hostel (Uncle Wale) refused to sell any more PK to me.
Imagine; on top my own money and teeth.
I was trying to rekindle my love for PK and I  borrowed my friend’s PK while she was sleeping. My filling fell out like the PK was jazzed.
Talk about repercussion.
That won’t stop me from borrowing more gum though.

There was a time I couldn’t go a day without Capri-Sonne, And many other things like Cway peach, vimto, Donuts, Gala et al.
Notice how much my addictions hover around food. I’m such a foodie; they can use food to carry me away.
Its still a mystery how I eat so much and I remain as skinny as ever. It must be the ‘winshes’; I appreciate it tho because people pray to eat and not get fat.

Asides food, I was once addicted to twitter; my tweetdeck and gravity apps did not help matters. I wasn’t your average Timeline flooder. I’m talking 16 tweets in a row flooding. People found it hard to believe that I was in medical school. Even when I was humbled to a Nokia C1-01, my addiction was unwavered.
Just like I got over my facebook addiction, I’m over twitter now but not to the extent of deleting my account. I still have to be in the know; Twitter dramas make me happy.

I always have a high affinity for some songs too. My past addictions are too many to enumerate but in my recent past, I’ve had We are young by the ‘Indie rock group’; fun which was quickly overshadowed by May D’s Ile Ijo.
Now, I can’t go a day without anything from Blackmagic.

That’s me! The dynamic one.

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8 thoughts on “9. My Addiction

  1. presently i’m addicted to digestive biscuit(the 1 wiv happy faces) and nutri-c. When it comes to music it would be vybz kartel, i thought i was jst a fan till i realized i was addicted to his music. God help me.

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